10 Pence 1969-1986

10 Pence 1969-1986

The 10 Pence was fourth largest denomination in the Decimal 1969-2001-coin series of Ireland. There were two versions of 10 Pence coin, the first (this one) is often referred to as the “Large” version and the other as you would expect is referred to as the “Small Version”. This 10 Pence coin was produced between the years 1969 -1986 at the Currency Centre Dublin mint. In total 152,477,999 of these coins were minted.

If you are looking for the Small Version 10 Pence Coin you can find it here.

Coin collecting can be full of unusual terms and phrases. If you are unsure what any of the terms on this page mean, check out our 180 Best Coin Collecting Terms Explained post. Here we explain every term in an easy to understand way.


Identifying Features

The global standard for identifying coins is the KM Code. This 10 Pence coin is referred to by the KM code KM# 23. The KM code is a unique reference number assigned to each coin.
Below are some other Identifying features, like which Mint the 10 Pence coin was made at as well as some other factors.

Denomination: 10 Pence
KM Code: KM# 23
Coin Series: Decimal 1969-2001 coin series of Ireland
Years Produced: 1969 – 1986
Known Mintage: 152,477,999
Distribution: Standard Circulation
Mint: Currency Centre Dublin, Ireland


Design Features

The design was originally created by Percy Metcalfe and was used for the 2 Shilling Florin Coin in both the Irish Free State Coin Series and the 2 Shilling Florin Coin in the Pre Decimal Coin Series. See below an example of each of these types of Irish Shilling Coins.


Irish florin examples


Heads or Tails? it’s a simple question, right? Well in coin collecting teems the “heads” of the coin is the Obverse and the “Tails” is the Reverse. So why is this important? What you might call the “heads” side of the coin is incorrect. The side with the Harp is the Obverse (front) of the coin – I know crazy! In a lot of coins from around the world this seems to happen. It’s quite common in Irish Coins also.

Themes: Animals (Fauna),Fishes,Musical Instruments
Designer: Percy Metcalfe
Obverse Description: an Irish harp
Reverse Description: Salmon facing right

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Mechanical Features

The Mechanical features of a coin are things like the size, weight, thickness and diameter for example. Looking at the mechanical features of a coin is the easiest way to tell if a coin is real or fake. Quite often a fake will not match the mechanical features of the original coin when faked, and checking these features should be the first thing you do if you have your suspicions about a coin, coins are produced very precisely to match the predetermined mechanical features.

Weight: 11.3200g
Diameter: 28.5mm
Thickness: 2.10 mm
Rim: Raised. Gladiform. Both sides
Shape: Circular
Edge: Reeded

Value Table

Below the 10 Pence values are shown on a grading scale, the higher on the scale the better condition the coin is in and therefore the more valuable. Check out our Awesome Guide to Coin Grading In 3 Simple Steps article to learn more about coin grading.
Year & VersionMintageAG3G4VG8F12VF20XF40AU50MS60MS63Proof
1971 Proof50,000----------
1986 Proof6,750----------

This purpose of this website is to education and entertain, All values shown are a guideline only and should not be used for any means of financial investment or speculation, as with all things values may fluctuate depending on demand and scarcity, we strongly advise that all information on this website is used as it was intended – for entertainment purposes. The information relating to coins is sourced from many places such as NGC, PCGS and The Irish Central Bank.

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